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02 June 2015 @ 06:16 pm
after the storm (Jimin/Yoongi)  
Pairing: Jimin/Yoongi
Lengh: 1.1K
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Eating disorders
Genre: Angst. Fluff. Hurt and Comfort.
Summary: Yoongi had gone too far.
Note: This was very rushed but I hope you like it. Background music.

Jimin has to have some sort of mind control power or hypnotic abilities, Yoongi is sure of it. There is no way someone could find another person so radiant in such a short amount of time.

His mind wanders off to the time they first met, ignoring the sound of thunder coming from outside. God, how he hated idol boys and their singing talents. Their excessive makeup made him laugh and their rappers were a poor excuse of a joke. It was ironic and a ridiculous way of thinking, seeing as he was in a company that wanted to make them into idols and surrounded by other trainees. Taehyung was strange, Hoseok and Jungkook were irritating and Seokjin and Namjoon were annyoing, but something about Park Jimin, who just happened to join last and was promised to only have to train for a year, that made his chest crawl with something that he couldn’t quite explain. Love and lust wasn’t in Yoongi’s vocabulary at the time, so naturally he assumed that any feeling he felt for the baby faced boy was a seething sense of hate and irrational anger. Now Yoongi, being the Daegu man he is, kept all these emotions deep inside the walls he built ages ago in order to keep his cool and collected reputation intact.

But that didn’t stop him from being passive aggressive, from turning his anger into a joke that cut into Jimin like a knife sharp enough that he wouldn’t notice his wounds until later. Your eyes are too small, he would say, and your face is too chubby for your body. Worst part was that the others would laugh into their noodles and Jimin would shrug it off and would continue to move his own food enough so that no one would notice that he wasn’t really eating, that he never really ate more than a bite of their meal. No one ever did.

He had found Jimin with his head against the toilet seat one weekday night and Yoongi was sure it wasn’t because he had a lot to drink. He hadn’t done anything to stop it, but he decided to lay off the jokes about Jimin’s weight. Or any comment at all. He couldn't look at the boy without his mind tracing back to the encounter; the more he thought about the, the more guilt started to pool in his stomach.

Yoongi didn’t believe in a God but he prayed under his breath that any of them would stop Jimin from going into the bathroom when he believed that the rest of the members were asleep, sticking a finger down his throat. It took him two weeks to build the courage to barge in and force the younger man off the tiled floor and into the kitchen where Yoongi watched him forced himself to eat a chocolate bar and some sort of meat. He had gone too far. Yoongi’s chest felt tight and aching, only this time is wasn’t directed at Jimin. He had gone too far. He told Jimin to sleep next to him a night for the best andd promised him that he wouldn't tell anyone else. He had gone too far.

He had pulled his hair more than once, turning his fingernails into nubs because of the words that had escaped his sharp tongue. Jimin had eaten half of his meal for the past week, but it wasn't enough to make up for his comments. To this day, Yoongi doesn't think its enough.

Now Yoongi can breathe comfortably knowing that Jimin can eat his food and even have seconds servings with a smile that could make flowers grow which always managed to leave him breathless. He remembers when Jimin first wrapped his arms around his chest far too tightly because the words thank you just weren’t enough. Yoongi buried his shallow breaths into the crook of Jimin’s neck because the words I’m sorry would never be enough to make Jimin forgive him, but the boy assures him that it’s all fine, that it was not his falt. He looks into the glint in his eyes and forgets how to breath for a second. No matter how much he tried to hide it before, Park Jimin always leaves him breathless.

Jimin is a magnificent star that never stops shining bright even when it thinks it's burning out. Yoongi has hundred of more space analogies that he could think of, he’s written them down in the back of the journal where he writes his lyrics, hidden away from the other member’s nosiness. But while Jimin is nosy, he’s also pretty clever, and it wasn’t until after Yoongi had poured his heart out in a confession that he’d planned for weeks, ready for any type of rejection that the singer might give him, he hears Jimin say something that he had written in the back of his journal, something about galaxies and wildfires that all reminded him a Jimin. He had known for so long, even before Yoongi did. Jimin had intended it to come out as a joke, but Yoongi felt his chest caving on the inside, begging for air and now it was Jimin who was assuring him that everything was going to be alright, this time with added kisses in the mix. Their first kiss wasn't a battle for dominance or a passionate, frenzied mess like he would always read about, but a sign of reassurence as the pair sat on the floor of their dorm wrapped in each other's arms as the sound to teardrops against the window matched their breathing.

He jokes to the fans that Jimin is pretty, that he would write songs for him. Jimin does the same but in his own charismatic, adorable way. He will stare at the singer’s abs for longer that usual and accept touches that hyungs wouldn’t normally do. They take it as a grain as salt, as fanservice, but he knows that Namjoon can see through their un-subtleties, so can everyone else. None of them talk about the fact that they stay in the practice room together longer than the others, they have their own secrets too. He’s seen the way Hoseok stares at Taehyung sometimes, it's all okay. Really.

His nervous train of thought is interrupted by the light kiss that Jimin presses to his ribs as he slides his hands under his shirt. His ribs will always be slightly visible no matter how much he eats and naps, Jimin’s aren’t anymore. “Go to sleep, hyung.” He whispers, voice dry and tired. Rain keeps pouring outside their window.

“Sorry, was just thinking about you. About us.” Yoongi grumbles and lies back down next to his boyfriend, all worries going away and focusing on the warmth of Jimin’s breath against his neck.

Jimin lets out a quiet laugh. "Good things, I hope."

"Always good things. Only good things." Yoongi assures him. They hide under the covers of the small bed, huddled together as closely as possible, enjoying the silence that comes after a storm.