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19 June 2015 @ 01:46 pm
painfully bright; taehyun/jinwoo  
Title: Painfully Bright
Pairing: Jinwoo/Taehyun
Rating: Mature
Lengh: 10k Words
Warnings: Implied physical and sexual abuse. Questionably moral choices.
Summary: In a world where hybrids are used as weapons of war to do the dirty work humans won’t, Jinwoo rescues hybrid soldier Taehyun and teaches him that he’s worth much more than a product of violence.
Notes: Recommended Listening. Originally written for the winnerexchange

Shoot. Reload. Stand your ground. Pause. Look straight ahead.

The bodies around him were just mere setbacks, as they would assure him. They weren't casualties or losses that should be mourned, just more obstacles to try not to step over. If he wanted to complete this operation, they would need to keep moving forward and look straight ahead, just like they were told.

It didn't, however, stop the fact that he felt nauseous every time he could feel a cadaver against his feet. Priscilla, an ursidae hybrid, always wanted to be a dancer instead of a fighter, it was a shame. He glanced at the others in his team. They had been trained longer than him at this, but even Taehyun could smell the prickling fear that went straight from their ears to their tails.

He tightened his grip against his gun, feeling himself getting closer to the target.

Out of all the jobs he's done so far, this had to be one of the worst. He'd never killed anything before, much less a human being. Now, he was holding a gun without any experience, just blind luck at his side. His owner had some sort of feud against a man called Lee Soo Man, they weren't given reasons, but in just a few minutes he would be getting rid of one of, from what he was told, was the most powerful men in the country. The legal system didn't apply to them. Even if he survived but failed to complete the task, he would be taken care of, as their owners eloquently put it. If he did complete the task, he would most likely be executed. Thankfully, Taehyun was ready to die. Its not as if any of them really got the chance to live.

The remaining four of them advanced closer to their target, completely focused on finishing their job and getting themselves out of the building as quickly as possible. Taehyun sniffed the air. His ears shot up, a distant ticking noise catching his attention. Something wasn't right. He wanted to alert the others of the smell of sulfur behind the door, but he wasn't allowed to speak. He was sure the others could smell it as well. Yet none of them showed any sign of stopping. They knew.

In one final act of courage, Taehyun threw his gun to the ground, running to the opposite direction. He heard a blast, the sound of rubble falling behind him, then nothing at all. Taehyun tried to open his eyes, but everything became overwhelmingly quiet and painfully, painfully bright.
= • =

"Its a shame isn't it? This building was so nice." The Doctor rambled on, gesturing at the nurses and their assigned area. Despite the fact that dead hybrids didn't matter, they couldn't just leave a potential biohazard to rot in the ground, especially in the middle of the city. Jinwoo adjusted his rubber gloves nervously. Well, they mattered to him.

They found seven intact bodies so far, three of which didn't even look past the age of sixteen, as far as Jinwoo could tell. Most of them, however, were burned to the crisp.

"Should we take the bodies for organ donations?" Jinwoo had asked during the briefing. Everyone laughed at him. He was a new nurse, how was he supposed to know that no one wanted 'mutt parts inside them'. He grimaced, moving debris out of a hybrid whose face was completely destroyed.

As he strayed away from the group for some fresh air, Jinwoo smelled blood. Fresh blood, not the rotten, decaying kind, beside his feet. Both of the smells were all too familiar to him. He knelt, eyeing the hybrid with parted hair suspiciously. A groan escaped its parted lips, but it didn't move.

"Its alive. Doctor, we have to help him!" Jinwoo pushed the debris from the hybrids hips, his arms and his ankles. The nurse pressed his hands to the hybrid's chest. Multiple small lacerations, bruises and a possible broken rib. Felidae and young. Multiple bruises in his skin, but they looked old, far older than the explosion, which most likely meant abused. Dehydrated, malnourished and weak, but definitely not a casualty of an attack. He took an oath when he graduated that he would protect and try to save every single person in need and he wasn’t going to break his promise on his first month on the job.

The older man waved a hand dismissively. "Take care of it then. Finish the job."

Jinwoo glared at him, staring down again at the hybrid's arm. It had its usual information, just like all the other hybrids, it's serial number was tattooed to make sure they didn't try to act like humans. The owner's name, however, wasn't written on it's skin. It was an illegal hybrid, possibly bought through the black market instead on a farm or a shop.

He overheard his boss's voice yelling at him, pulling him away from his daze. "-waiting for, we got work to do! Mr. Kim, just get on with it."

"No! I want to keep hi- it. I want to keep it." Jinwoo yelled back, not sure if he was making a mistake or not.

The glare in Doctor Park’s face subsided and turned into something Jinwoo couldn’t quite describe. “Take it, just know what you’re getting into, kid. It ain’t just a toy. Is it registered?”

“Thank you, Doctor. Nope, I think its an illegal.” Jinwoo explained, relieved that he still had his job. Doctor Park gave him the address for the city’s pet hybrid registration office. With his authorization, Jinwoo took the hybrid back to his home, wondering what the hell just went through him.
= • =

Taehyun felt fingers gently card through his hair, brushing over his ears in a soft caress. He tried to open his eyes and move away, but it had been far too long since anyone did this to him, not since he was bred and still in the farm with his brothers and sisters. Taehyun let out an involuntary whine, but his eyes were still too heavy...

His train of thought was cut off by the sting of something being imprinted into his arm. This time his eyes shot open, still heavy, and he looked to his side at a man pressing a marking device to his skin. The human gave him an apologetic smile. “Sorry, should’ve warned you...”

Taehyun has had enough experience dealing with pain. Flinching away usually resulted in a slap. He bit his teeth, stopping himself from hissing, until the man gently ran his fingers over the back of Taehyun’s ears. A careful hand found itself in the back of the hybrids neck, tearing away all pretenses Taehyun had of protesting. His eyes fell closed once more. Something cool pressed against his lips, he opened his mouth obediently and drank the water in starving gulps.

“No, stop. You’re going to fast. Just a bit at a time.” The man said in a practiced, soothing voice. His new owner — from what Taehyun could gather — gave him one last scratch behind his ears.. “I should give you some lemon and honey for your throat later. But this should do for now.”

The hybrid let out a deep breath that he hadn't realized he’d been holding in for a long time. He stared at his arm, knowing the numbers all too well. Underneath them, however, there were another set of symbols beneath the numbers in his arm that he couldn’t understand. As his mother said, some humans could be trusted, but they should all be feared.

Taehyun moved away from the man’s touch until he felt the heavy ache on his ribs that stopped him. “W-Who are you?” He demanded. “Where is Mr. Yang?”

“Who? Oh- You’re old owner?” Jinwoo asked in the softest voice he could muster.

The hybrid held his tail close to his chest protectively. “He is my master, he-” He stopped himself, remembering where he was just a few hours ago. “The mission. The mission was never finished.” Taehyun’s looked like a deer caught in headlights. Jinwoo could see his hands shaking along with his tail. “I-I never finished the mission.” He choked out, his voice cracking and still weak.

Jinwoo kneeled beside him and shushed him gently, not touching him yet still keeping his hands close to the hybrid’s slim figure. “You were an illegally owned hybrid. Mr. Yang is not only in jail, but you do not belong to him.” The news were all over what had happened. It was common knowledge that Yang had a political and personal feud with the man he had tried to assassinate, but no one would have expected him to get rid of his election competition with hybrids. It was the lowest of the low, in Jinwoo's opinion. Still, if it hadn’t been for the fact that this hybrid had been chosen for the job, he would be off in the middle of the desert fighting others of his kind. Politics were really not his thing. “I, uh... I took you in. You were going to die along with the others.”

Taehyun shook his head the looked around the room. He was an apartment, in a bed with clean sheets that smelled inviting. The man smelled inviting too, Taehyun noted, and released the tension in his shoulders and ears. “Thank you, sir.”

“No. No, you don’t ever need to call me ‘sir’. Just call me by my name. I’m Kim Jinwoo.” He held out his hand, Taehyun only sniffed it and moved closer to him. “What’s your name?”

“Taehyun.” He said. He hasn’t used the name his mother gave him in ages. Mr. Yang had never bothered to know his name and only called him “Red Kitty” due to the color of his tail and hair. “Nice to meet you.”

"That’s a nice name. Ah, here you go." Jinwoo said. "Not much, I guess, but I don't want you to strain yourself." He'd been saving his salmon for a while, as a treat for himself from getting a job. Taehyun gawked at the plate, now resting on his lap. He's never tried actual fish before, just the disgusting dry shit that people insisted tasted delicious to felidae hybrids. Taehyun didn't wait any longer and stuffed himself like he hasn't eaten in years. It felt like that for most days. Something inside Jinwoo's stomach curled in disgust as his eyes trailed down to Taehyun's visible ribs, covered in bruises and scars.
Taehyun let out an appreciative mewl, stopping himself before he purred. His ears were comfortably resting on his head instead of perked up and alerted, as per usual. "Thank you, sir." He added quickly.

"No need! I'm a nurse so I'm used to taking care of — what are you doing?" He asked abruptly, moving Taehyun's hands away from his belt. The hybrid was pressing and rubbing his face against his groin. He put his hand on the hybrid's shoulder and pushed him back, hard enough to be firm but softly enough to not send him sprawling. The worst part was that it was an automatic response. One second he was eating and, before Jinwoo could even blink, he was about to get a thank you blowjob. He wasn't just an assasin hybrid, then. He opened his mouth to tell him that he wasn’t his previous owner, he didn’t need to be repaid for everything, but Taehyun cut him off.

"D-Did I do anything wrong? I'm sorry. S-Sorry." He said, panic in his voice. “I-I’m s-sorry, sir.”

“No! No- I’m not going to punish you.” Junwoo exclaimed, moving towards the hybrid. He scratched his ear again. “You just... You don’t have to do that. Any of that. I’m your... Owner now. I don’t need anything in return.” He said distastefully. The word made him sick, but he doesn’t think there’s another word for their new arrangement. “I found you in an explosion and you were still alive. You didn’t have a legal owner.”

“N-No, but he was still my master.” Taehyun said simply, and it spoke volumes.

Jinwoo reached out a hand to the hybrid’s hair. It reached his shoulders, at any simple glance anyone could see how dirty it was. ‘I’ll have to give him a bath and a haircut later,’ Jinwoo thought, blushing slightly. This time, Taehyun allowed himself to purr, something he hasn’t done in a long time, into his owner’s touch. Jinwoo noted he liked being scratched behind the ear the most.

“You don’t have to do anything in return here, Taehyun. Here you’ll be safe, ok?” The man said with a smile.

Taehyun opened his mouth, then closed it again. It was so long since anyone actually used his real name. “You won’t get angry if I don’t show my thanks?”

“Just say thank you, that’s how you show your thanks here.”

“N-No... No kneeling? Can I walk on my hind legs?” The hybrid asked, his eyes getting wider by the second.

“By hind legs you mean your feet, right? If so, then yeah. I’m not legally allowed to let you out alone, but here you’re free to do whatever you want. Just think of yourself as a roommate!”

Taehyun still looked unconvinced. “Why are you doing this?”

His owner scratched the back of his neck, shrugging. “‘Cause I like helping people. I can’t just see someone die, I’m a nurse. And I know that hybrid aren’t exactly people, but you guys are just like us, only more flexible and with a tail and slitted eyes...” He stopped himself before he rambled on. “I don’t want to own you. I just thought I can keep you safe.”

The hybrid had no idea how to react other than with a slight nod. It was probably too much for him to take in, Jinwoo decided. Taehyun grabbed his tail in his hands and pressed it against his chest. “Thank you.” He whispered, barely above a whisper.

That night, Jinwoo woke up to the feeling of something in his bed. He looked up to see Taehyun, resting in the edge of the sheets, his tail gently moving back and forth. Taehyun had always loved sleeping in the human bed, his previous cat bed was too small to even curl up on. When he was especially good and thankful, his old master would allow him to sleep on the edge of the mattress. It became a habit.

“Hey,” Jinwoo said in a hushed voice, guiding Taehyun towards him. “You don’t have to sleep here, you have your own bed now. An entire bed.”

Taehyun darted his eyes away. Jinwoo noticed that he would grab his tail at any sign of embarrassment. “I wanted to sleep with you, si...Jinwoo.”

Jinwoo didn’t have the heart to keep him away. He wouldn't want to sleep alone in his first day either. He gave Taehyun a nod then rested his head back on the pillow. Taehyun shifted until he was resting his head comfortably on Jinwoo's lap, his body curled up against his owner’s legs.

= • =

Taehyun dreamt of gunshots and screaming coming from every direction. Of feet and fists against his body. Amongst all the limbs, there was one who pushed them away, and scratch the back of his ear. He opened his eyes and realized that his dream became a reality.

"Good morning! Sleep well?" Jinwoo asked, voice softer than the sheets that Taehyun rested in. "Breakfast is ready. Come on. I’m pretty sure you can walk well now. Nothing is broken."

Taehyun has no idea if he'll ever be able to get used to Jinwoo's presence. He stretched his back before getting out of bed to crawl to the kitchen, until he remembered that he didn't have to do so anymore. He stumbled behind Jinwoo, not accustomed to the feeling of walking. The ache in his ribs was duller, thanks to Jinwoo. The man had said it was a miracle, but he was the only survivor purely because of luck, Taehyun doubts that any deity could call it a miracle.

"I went out and bought some more food. The food they sell for you guys looks disgusting. Wouldn't you rather have some real fish instead of the dry stuff?" The human asked, setting their plates on the table.

Taehyun shrugged. "I never had a choice. That was the first time I tried fish. Uh, yesterday."

Jinwoo pursed his lips. "I forgot to mention — I work at the afternoon during the week. So I'll be gone for six hours at a time. Is that ok with you?"

"I don't... I don't really like being alone, si-Jinwoo." Taehyun admitted, looking like he'd just been punched in the gut. Jinwoo, luckily, already had a solution to this.

"I’m not allowed to bring in hybrids into work unless I have a disability... Here, this is my PADD. If you need anything, just write me a message here." He explained, pressing the screen slowly so Taehyun could remember. "...And just press send. I have my phone with me all the time."

The hybrid looked down, reaching for his tail. "I, um... I don't know how to read."

Jinwoo couldn't say he was surprised. He pressed the screen a few more times and looked up on reading and writing games for children. This was going to be a longer morning than he thought.

Hours later, Jinwoo felt a faint buzzing in his pocket as he finished his patient’s injection. Despite being absent-minded at times, when it came to his work, he would never pay attention to anything else other than the present. Mostly because he had nothing else to think about. Now that Taehyun was in the picture, this was proving to be difficult.

In the span of the past four hours, Taehyun had sent him about twelve recorded messages.

"Ah- Hello. I'm just testing to see if this works."

"Jinwoo, I learned how to write the first five letters! The B is a bit hard, though."

Most of them were of Taehyun updating on his lessons, while the last few were a little bit more disconcerting.

"Sorry I keep asking, but when are you coming home?"

"I miss you. I'm hungry so I drank all of the milk. I'm sorry."

"Jinwoo. Are you ok? Why do you have to work so much?"

He winced at the rest, all of them were just Taehyun apologizing for being intrusive. If it was going to be like this everyday, Jinwoo doesn't know how he was going to balance his new roommate and his work. He sighed.

"Sorry for not answering. I'm OK! Don't worry about me. See you soon." He said into his phone's microphone. Maybe leaving Taehyun alone so soon after taking him in was a bad idea.

Jinwoo was an impulsive young man, he still has no idea how he managed to finish nursing school without changing his career midway. Taehyun had been an impulsive choice, he could've just gave him away to a shelter or a collector, but there was something in the hybrid's slitted eyes...

As he took his usual ride home through the city through the subway, Jinwoo made a stop in a store that he'd never thought he'd go into. Even been close to it — the mere thought of it — made him sick to his stomach. All opinions aside, if Jinwoo was going to live with Taehyun legally, there was nothing that he could do about it.

"Taehyun!" He yelled as he opened the door. The instant he went inside his apartment, all he could focus on was the shredded side of the sofa. Thankfully, Jinwoo had come prepared to deal with that. Hybrid's nails were similar to human's, flat yet a lot tougher. A simple nail clipping could get rid of them.

Taehyun rose from the floor, where he had been trying to find a peculiar scent that probably came from the floor below. "Jinwoo!" He exclaimed happily, rubbing his face possessively on the man's sleeve and shoulder. "It felt like you were gone for days. I was so bored." He whined like the young hybrid he was.

"This should make up for it. I got you something," Jinwoo said with his usual smile. He was sure Taehyun was going to love this.

"...A scratching pad?" The hybrid asked in awe, running his fingers over the furred cylinder. It wasn't much, seeing as his other gifts already wasted the money he was saving for himself this week, but Taehyun didn't seem to mind. He doubted he'd ever had anything resembling a scratching pad before this. "Master never... Never let me scratch anything other than concrete. It was terrible." Taehyun said in the softest of voices.

"And, um...got you these smelling salts that are supposed to make you sleep better because I felt you moving a lot last night. Like a special kind of catnip. And some new clothes." He eyed at Taehyun's bare chest, ignoring the color forming on his cheeks. “This white shirt and jeans should suit you well enough, just need to cut a hole in the back for your tail...” He mumbled, handing the clothes to Taehyun.

“I’ve never owned anything before.” The hybrid added, sniffing everything Jinwoo handed him then setting it on the table. He didn’t let go of the scratching pad, thought, and decided to lightly run his nails over the fluffy material.

Before reaching into the bag again for the final gift, Jinwoo bit his lips. “Um, so I’m you’re legal ‘owner’ now, you know that right? There’s rules when it comes to that.” He said, adding the air quotes at the term he hated so much. “One of the rules is that, when you go outside, you have to wear a collar and-”

Taehyun widened his eyes. “You bought me a collar? For me?”

“Yeah, it’s not really showy. There were a lot of them that had fake diamonds and prints, I saw one that had spikes for canine hybrids, but I thought something simple would suit you better.” He handed over the collar to the hybrid. It was black and matte, with a wide diameter yet not small enough to look like a choker, instead it could rest comfortably on the base of Taehyun’s neck and could be adjusted to fit however he wanted it too. Attached to it there was a metal, circular tag with the same information that was imprinted on Taehyun’s arms. The hybrid couldn’t understand most of it, but he could recognize the symbols that spelled out his name. Taehyun held it to his face, tasting it and getting used to the pungent smell of new leather. “It’s perfect.” He choked.

It was a bittersweet moment, Jinwoo thought as he saw the hybrid’s eyes swell up in emotion at such a meaningful yet meaningless object. Taehyun hasn’t know a life outside being owned and it wasn’t as if he could even try. He didn’t want Taehyun to feel owned, but if it was what the hybrid wanted, he was going to be the best owner possible.

Jinwoo sat behind Taehyun and rested his hand on the collar as well. “Do you want to try it out? I thought we could go out to eat today.”

Taehyun nodded and moved his hair out of his neck. It wasn’t until then that Jiwnoo noticed that the lights were turned off. Understandable, Taehyun’s eyes allowed him to see in the dark, but when the moonlight from the window rested on the hybrid’s pale neck, Jinwoo stopped for a moment to stare at the hybrid. He he shook his head, tied the collar on Taehyun’s neck, tight enough for it not to be loose yet nowhere near choking him or leaving marks, as most owners like to do. Ownership is a strange thing, Jinwoo thought, as he reached for the leash that he didn’t intend on using.

Taehyun turned his head elegantly — somehow he always managed to do everything with a sense of grace — to face Jinwoo and smile. As the moonlight hit Taehyun’s face, leaving shadows that accentuated his slitted eyes and red hair, Jinwoo noticed how beautiful Taehyun was. The hybrid turned to face Jinwoo and stared at him, his tail swaying enthusiastically behind his back. His lips parted and closed, instead turning into a beaming smile that turned the hybrid’s eyes crescent shaped and glowing. He wondered if Taehyun had ever smiled like that since he was with his previous owner.

Being attracted to your hybrid was perfectly normal. While relationships between hybrids and humans were seen as taboo, attraction and sexualization of them was, in fact, encouraged, especially amongst single people. Jinwoo forced himself to look away, he wasn’t going to let himself take that path. He wasn’t going to take advantage of someone he saved, much less someone who was so used to being taken advantage of.

"Ok, let's go. Put on your shirt, its cold out." Jinwoo said, leaving his daze. His moral troubles could wait for the night, he decided, and focused on more pressing manners, like what they were going to eat, and which restaurant wouldn't force Taehyun into kneeling beside him and eating from a bowl.


Living with Taehyun became easy to get used to. He would wake up with a tangle of limbs against his own, sometimes even on top of him, and would make breakfast then talk to Taehyun until he left for work, leaving the hybrid alone until the sun started to set. Usually, Taehyun would either distract himself with the learning games on Jinwoo's PADD, take a nap, or he would scratch the pad that Jinwoo has gave him. It was not as nice as ruining the sofa, but it would have to do. It was mundane, it was quiet. Taehyun could sit on the window and watch the city below without having anyone yelling at him. He wasn't used to having this level of freedom, not yet. Everytime he opened his eyes in the morning, he wondered if he wasn't going to wake up in an apartment in the middle of Seoul. It was still too good to be true.

This didn't mean that it was easy. Jinwoo had told himself that, if he survived medical school and working on a hospital, he could handle a simple hybrid, but Taehyun had been anything but simple. Turns out his newfound freedom had given him the liberty to act... Well, like a brat at times. Like a diva, a drama queen. Best described as someone who didn't like being coddled, but would get annoyed if Jinwoo didn't scratch his ears. Jinwoo could not recall the number of times he had seen Taehyun gracefully lay on different parts of the sofa, even in front of the tv, just to get some attention. Then, Taehyun had developed a sense of fashion, which was a lot classier and cleaner than Jinwoo's affinity for knitted sweaters. This was the real Taehyun, the one the hybrid had never had a chance to be.

Annoying, bratty and whiny, but Jinwoo couldn't picture a life without him at this point. He'd forgotten all about the and handsome doctor with big lips, the one who owned the lion hybrid with the smalls eyes, that he had been meaning to flirt with, instead he thought of the hybrid waiting for him in his house.

Maybe a bit far too often. In days where Jinwoo just needed some time for himself, where he would lock the door to the bathroom for privacy his mind would eventually wander to the hybrid’s pointy ears and his lovely neck. Jinwoo wouldn't stop himself then, and before he knew it, he was cumming into his hands to the thought of his roommate whimpering beneath him.

He wasn't a fetishist. Jinwoo knew about those, there was a legal hybrid brothel just on his way to work specifically dedicated to catering people who preferred hybrids to humans, who saw them as sex hungry pets rather than sentient beings. Even when he had been curious and looked up that kind of pornography online, his mind always wandered back to Taehyun and ignored any kind of other hybrid beyond him.

He never acted upon his attraction, never expected himself to do so. Until he walked into his apartment one day and turned on the light only to get pounced by Taehyun and have him rub his body against his legs, chest and neck. Because of his now healthy diet, Taehyun had become thicker and stronger than Jinwoo, leaving the man pressed against the wall without a struggle.

The hybrid purred loudly, "Hello, Jinwoo. How was work?" He asked casually, as if he wasn't almost humping against Jinwoo's leg.

Taehyun has affectionate at times, but never like this. Jinwoo pushed Taehyun away gently, clearing his throat. "I-It's was good! Do you want some food?"

"Yes, please. I'm starving. I'm so hungry, Jinwoo..." The hybrid said in a voice that made it sound like he was starving for many things, not just food. Jinwoo shook his head.

He noticed that Taehyun had gotten rid of his clothes in favor for one of Jinwoo's shirts, that covered his body up to the bottom of his hips. Jinwoo was shorter than Taehyun, but had a broader body, leaving Taehyun's collarbones uncovered. He hoped dearly that Taehyun was wearing something to cover the expanse of skin underneath too. "Why are you wearing my shirt?" He said, turning on the microwave to heat up leftovers from the day before.

"I missed you a lot. I went into your room and rolled around in your bed but I got bored of your bed and I didn't want to stop smelling like you. You smell so nice... So I took your shirt, it that ok?" He asked, kneeling beside Jinwoo's feet for some reason. He never kneeled, not since he discovered he wasn't forced to do so.

Jinwoo vaguely recalled a lesson he had in school when he had basic veterinary classes. When cats went on heat, they would show extra affection for their owner. He let his mind wander, his mouth feeling drier by the second. "Taehyun, this may seem like a strange question but... Are you neutered?"

The hybrid tilted his head. "What's that?"


Jinwoo ran towards the table and grabbed his PADD, pressing the keyword 'Feline Hybrid Heat Symptoms' and pressed the first page he saw, glancing at Taehyun nervously, who was now rubbing his face against Jinwoo's jeans.

While most major cities made it a legal requirement for hybrid owners to neuter their felines, breeders and hybrid farm owners who need their hybrids ready for reproduction. With felidae hybrids, this process happens regularly every three months, unlike actual cats who experience it depending on region and season. Both male and female feline hybrids exhibit heats, but they are more extreme in females due to the fact that they have it for the sake of reproduction. Yet like cats, their heat can last from one to seven days depending on the hybrid.

Symptoms of heat in feline hybrids include: Over affection, need for certain scents (usually the ones of their owners), excessive hunger, excessive purring and, depending on your hybrids sex, physical states of arousal.

Jinwoo felt a brush of something that was not Taehyun’s hand against his leg. Taehyun was definitely exhibiting all the symptoms.

When you see your hybrid in heat, do not panic. Do not startle them. Not only are their senses heightened, but so are their emotions. The best thing to do is to go to a local toy store and buy anything that the hybrid can 'fill themselves up with', so to speak. Or you can get rid of it the old fashion way, and possible the best way, by taking care of it yourself. All your hybrid wants is sex, with anything he can find, for as many times as he can have it. Click here to see if your country is one of the many where sexual relations with hybrids are allowed.

Jinwoo couldn't believe what he was reading. This had to be a joke.

He moved to the sofa, dragging Taehyun along with him, who was currently attached to his leg like a koala. He bet that people with other species of hybrids didn't have to deal with this. Why couldn't Taehyun be a ursudae hybrid, he would have been hibernating by now!

"Taehyun, I need you to listen to me." He pleaded, grabbing the hybrid by his shoulders. Taeyun let out an involuntary mewl at the contact. "What did you usually do when you were like this? How long would it last?"

"Only two days. My old master would tell me to let him help me. Or he would invite some of his friends to help me or else it would hurt so much... Jinwoo, you smell so nice." Taehyun whimpered, and every word he said went straight to Jinwoo's cock.

The hybrid pressed his face on Jinwoo's obvious bulge without any sort of embarrassment or second thought akin to the time when they first met. "Its so hot. Why it is so hot, Jinwoo? I need- I need..." Taehyun panted, not knowing what to say clearly. Jinwoo's scent had him in a glorious, delicious daze.

Jinwoo had never felt so conflicted in his life. It was one thing having to suffer silently for a month and a half after discovering that he was sexually attracted to his half-cat roommate-pet-thing, controlled by pining, longing and imagining scenarios in only the most private times of his day that he never expected himself to face, to be able to handle. Now, every fantasy he had was being practically thrown at him in a silver platter. It was a thing that Taehyun wanted, even in his earliest states of heat.

If Jinwoo tried to not think with his dick for once, he would have known that, morally speaking, this was a bad idea. He had saved this hybrid, had helped him turn into a more independent being instead of the shaken slave that he was before. Taehyun's head was swimming with endorphins and pheromones that could mess with his judgement. What if, after all this is over, Taehyun couldn't look at him? What if he believed Jinwoo was just like his previous master, who would only look at him twice if he wanted to fuck?

He dared to look down at the man between his legs, who was staring up at him with half lidded eyes that begged for anything Jinwoo could give him. He pushed all the thoughts he had before down, and sighed. "Are you sure want this?" He asked, unconsciously spreading apart his legs more.

"Yes. Yes, please. I know what to do already." Taehyun whined. Jinwoo gave him a half nod in response and before he knew it, Taehyun was quickly putting down his belt and pants to the ground, leaving him with only his briefs of cover him up.

Taehyun didn't waste a single second, going straight to presses an open mouth kissed to Jinwoo's cock through the fabric of his briefs. He needed the man to be as hard as possible for him to feel full. So he pressed kisses instead of his tongue, focused on Jinwoo’s thighs instead of his straining cock.

The man above him let out a high pitch whine and decided that he couldn’t take this anymore. Weeks of pent up sexual frustration took over until he found himself grabbing the hybrids hair and pulling him away. “Taehyun! Just- do whatever you need to do.” He said through his teeth, a lot rougher than he intended it to be.

Getting the message, Taehyun pressed kitten licks to his cock, dragging his tongue until the shaft and head was slick with spit. He undressed Jinwoo efficiently, most likely used to this. Taehyun settled himself between Jinwoo's legs and pressed a shaking hand on the man's chest to steady himself. The hybrid could clearly feel, and hear, the man's heartbeat, which grew even faster as his eyes locked with the his. Out of all the sex Jinwoo has had, he'd never experienced something as intimate as watching someone else prepare themselves for him. Taehyun gasped, closing his eyes and concentrating on getting ready, until he felt a hand wrap around his own length and stroke. Jinwoo dragged the skin of Taehyun's flushed, dripping cock experimentally, still looking into his eyes. Taehyun stopped, bucking his hips into the touch. "N-No one has ever..." He trailed off and rested his head on Jinwoo's shoulder. It was too much, too good. He didn't know giving himself to someone could be this amazing.

Jinwoo grabbed Taehyun gently by his hips as the other tried to regain himself. "Shh, its okay. I can do it for you." He whispered gently. Putting his own desperate arousal aside, Jinwoo pressed his cock against Taehyun's entrance and slowly, achingly, felt Taehyun take him like he was meant for it. He mewled and rotated his hips to get used to the feeling again. He hasn't been fucked since he moved in with Jinwoo, and never like this, never this carefully and mutual. Taehyun was desperate, aching for Jinwoo to ignore his fragility and break him, but sex never felt this good.

"More. I need more." Taehyun panted. Before this, he wouldn't had dared to open his mouth with a cock inside him, but at his words, Jinwoo bit his lips and buried himself to the hilt of Taehyun, dragged his cock out slowly then pounded into him, feeling Taehyun's nails abruptly drag into the skin of his shoulders. He may have squeaked.

Taehyun, the new stubborn, bossy and prideful one, was sitting on his roommate/owner’s cock on the living room sofa.

Jinwoo did this over and over, until Taehyun was high on the smell and feeling of this. Even while in heat, nothing had smelled as good as him, no cock has tasted as amazing. To say that he was aroused was an understatement.

"Jinwoo. Jinwoo." He moaned. Taehyun moved his hips along with Jinwoo's, creating a rhythm where he could feel the other pound him to their ragged breaths. He felt himself tense up, his thighs growing numb and weak, until he cummed all over Jinwoo's stronger chest. Jinwoo kept fucking his now limp body, his movements turning frantic. Taehyun could only let out whimpers, it wasn't until he tried to speak that he felt his throat sore from moaning so loudly before.

Jinwoo pulled out and finish on the side of Taehyun's cheek. Automatically, Taehyun used his tongue to clean up Jinwoo's chest, then reached for his backside and sucked the cum out of his fingers. "Woah," Jinwoo said stupidly, almost certain that he was going to get hard again if he kept watching. "That was- Oh my god, Taehyun. You okay?"

Taehyun only nodded in response, also loss for words. Jinwoo noticed, that this entire time, he had not kissed Taehyun once. Maybe he shouldn't, this was most likely just a heat induced event. Then again, he had his cock inside Taehyun not three minutes ago, they were past boundaries at this point.

Jinwoo placed a hand on Taehyun's chin and pressed his lips gently against his. The hybrid flinched away, confused. That was a completely different reaction from what he has expected.

"What are you doing?" Taehyun scrunched up his face.

"Kissing you. You don't like... kissing?"

Taehyun brushed his long, disheveled hair away from his eyes. He'd have to groom it again soon. "Never heard of it. Is it like, a human thing?"

“Yes. Did no one ever kiss you before?” The hybrid shook his head and pressed his fingertips to his lips, still not sure about how he felt on this while kissing business. “Well, its when one person presses their lips to someone else’s. Sometimes their tongues touch too, against each other.” Junwoo explained, leaning in to show Taehyun what he meant, but the feline moved away, not convinced.

“That sounds weird. Is it only on the mouth?”

Jinwoo started to button his shirt. “Nope, it can be anywhere you want. When you want to be a gentleman to someone you really like, you can kiss someone’s hands. In some places, you greet people by kissing their cheek, you can also do it if you want to be cute. You- uh, actually just kissed a part of me just some minutes ago.”

Taehyun thought about it for a second and recalled the way he pressed his lips to Jinwoo's cock. He never thought that had a name. “Oh... Well, then it can’t be that bad.” He said, before pouncing on Jinwoo and doing something that could only be described by ‘sucking face’, not kissing.

Jinwoo giggled and moved them apart. “Nah, no. That’s not it. You can kiss roughly, but you don’t lick the person’s face. Here, like this.” He said, and brushed his lips against Taehyun’s pretty pink ones then pressing them together. It felt perfect, Taehyun tried to copy what Jinwoo did, but failed, and eventually let Jinwoo take charge until the feline’s lips were open and mewling against his own.

He wasn’t surprised that Taehyun had never known about kissing. Sex with hybrids was acceptable in most places, but kissing was far too intimate of an act. It went beyond just sex, it was deeper than that, at least in his opinion. Jinwoo pressed his fingertips to the elegant curve of Taehyun's flexible back. They still had a few minutes before Taehyun went back to being a desperate, horny mess again, so he took his time, showing the hybrid exactly how it felt like to have kisses pressed to its neck.

He should stop, he really should. But kissing Taehyun felt obscene, forbidden and Jinwoo had always been a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Careful not to mark him, Jinwoo nibbled on Taehyun's prominent collar bones, leaving the other breathless in his scent. He smelled of antiseptic, green tea lotion and seolleongtang that he always ate during his lunch break.

"Round two, let's go." Taehyun begged, rocking his hips slowly, and Jinwoo was more than happy to oblige.


Jinwoo's post-orgasmic haze was cracked like a glass mirror at the sound of Taehyun sobbing beneath the covers next to him. The hybrid had its back turned to his direction. Jinwoo offered all the warmth of the covers to him, not caring about his naked body seeing as the poor hybrid was shivering. After the elevated temperature of his heat, his body needed a way to balance itself. Jinwoo sat up and gave him a soft scratch behind his ear until the hybrid stopped sobbing and just sniffled every few seconds.

"Does this happen often? After your heat?" Jinwoo took his hand away. Taehyun crept his head out of the covers and nodded.

Jinwoo bit his lip. "Do you want to sleep alone?"

A tired sigh escaped the hybrid's lips. He carefully moved to face him, his body still aching from what they did a few hours before. Jinwoo had been careful to check that Taehyun was alright after every round, but he supposed that anyone's body would work after four rounds of sex for two days. "No, I want- Please, stay. I always had to go through this alone."

"I'm sorry." Taehyun continued, eyes red and half open. "I'm sorry I made you do this. You must think I'm disgusting."

Jinwoo shook his head. "No! No, of course not. Taehyun," He took the hybrid's hand. "Its ok. You can't control this. I should be the one who's sorry."

"Why? Y-You just helped me." The hybrid said with a confused expression on his face.

It was heartbreaking; Taehyun didn't know any better. "I- Never mind. Look, if you don't want this to happen again, that's perfectly fine with me. I can buy you some toys for your next heat and leave the house for a few days. It'll be ok."

The two of them stayed perfectly still, barely breathing, until Jinwoo felt a rustle of sheets and something touch his hips. Taehyun slowly slid his arms around Jinwoo's waist and held him close until their legs were wrapped together and he was looking down at him. Jinwoo was sure he could feel Taehyun's tail against his back; god, that thing was long. It was an awkward tangle of limbs, sometimes Jinwoo forgot that Taehyun was taller and bigger than him, the only thing that Jinwoo had was his broad shoulders. It embarrassed him.

"What if I do... Want it to happen again?" He had a nervous edge to his voice, Jinwoo wanted to kiss him again.

"That would be okay too. Only if you're sure."

Taehyun scratched Jinwoo's ears. It didn't have the same effect as he thought it would, but Jinwoo leant into his touch anyway. "I want more of this, even when I'm not in heat. Especially when I'm not in heat... I want to be with you, Jinwoo. I'm sure of it, no one else would treat me like this."

Jinwoo couldn't hold back. He kissed Taehyun again, this time far more gently than the hurried, desperate kisses they shared before. It felt like breathing again after almost drowning. "Yeah." He panted after breaking apart from the hybrid. "Yes, I would love that. Nothing will change, just more kissing and touching. But I won't make you do anything you don't want to, alright Taehyun?"

His ears perked up enthusiastically. "Yes. Yeah. T-Thanks." He whispered, finally allowing himself to sleep after so much time. Jinwoo shimmied until Taehyun's head was resting comfortably on his shoulder and curled up against him, purring gently and lulling them both into a gentle slumber. It felt absolutely natural, as if they were made to rest in each other's arms.

Taehyun had never felt safer.

Seoul was busier than Busan in this time of day, especially in the subway. He wonders how his island is doing, maybe one of these days, when he has some time off he could visit his parents and introduce them to Taehyun. They had a canine hybrid for themselves to help them around the house, last time he checked.

His mind wandered off to the conversation that Taehyun and him a few days ago, the one that had desperately needed to take place after the events of the hybrid's heat.

"I like sex, Jinwoo, I like the idea of...something with us. But I don't want to be owned like before. I managed to have a chance to know what it feels like to be free, or at least as free as a hybrid can be." Taehyun had said as he rested in the man's lap, hours later after he finished his heat.

Jinwoo ran his fingers through his hair, moving it gently until it was parted in the middle, just like he liked it. Jinwoo liked to think it resembled a halo. "I don't intend on acting like your old owner, I promise. I don't want to own you, I just want to, well... Have you. If I ever do start acting like a bad person, you have every right to tell me." He recalled himself saying. Taehyun had only nodded in response.

His eyes glanced towards the collar on Taehyun's neck, which clinked with every stop the subway made, neatly gleaming the words: 'If found, please return to Kim Jinwoo.'

One last stop and Taehyun and him were walking along the sidewalk to their favorite restaurant. The owner had a bit of a soft spot for Jinwoo and allowed Taehyun to sit on chairs, he even let him use cutlery, something that most restaurants would frown upon. The hybrid walked alongside Jinwoo, putting his chin up proudly at all the other hybrids that were forced to walk behind their owners at all times. Jinwoo would have to talk to him about that, it wasn't nice to show off.

He looked away from the hybrid for a moment and the second he looked back, Taehyun was not on his side, but on the ground, ears perked up in alert but clearly not planning to get up anytime soon and defend himself from the man who was screaming at him.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Jinwoo yelled out, running back to stand between the two.

The man practically snarled at him. "Is this your hybrid? You might as well teach it some fucking manners, because it just made me drop my briefcase."

Jinwoo grabbed Taehyun's arm and helped him up, he didn't want to spend another second with this person. "Yeah. Watch where you're going, then." He said behind his shoulder. Taehyun was shaking next to him, eyes wide and jaw slack. They should go home instead.

The man, however, didn't falter and continued to scream at them. "This guy doesn't even have his hybrid on a leash! And it's wearing shoes! Who wastes money on shoes for a hybrid?!"

Something inside Jinwoo snapped. He walked back directly to face the man, both of them inches apart. Everyone around them was staring, some even recording the event. Damn technology. "First of all, leashes aren't a legal requirement and shouldn't be, I'm pretty sure they can find their way for themselves. Second of all, I will buy him whatever I want, especially basic clothing. They're living, breathing, intelligent beings and you treat them even worse than actual dogs!" He exclaimed, loud enough for everyone in the block to hear.

"He's a fucking activist!" Someone in the side yelled out. If people would just mind their own business...

"They're half human, don't you think they deserve some of our rights?!"

"That's just because you wanna fuck 'em, don't ya?!"

Before they knew it, people were surrounding both of them in either side of the street, some proudly shouting, some just there to watch what was going on, to the point where even the man with the ruined briefcase was getting uncomfortable.

Jinwoo managed to slither away from the group, most of them already forgetting how this all started in the first place and were too busy spewing insults at each other. Taehyun was at the corner of the street, along with a few other hybrids who were too scared to speak up. Taehyun only turned his head to acknowledge his existence, but decided that the commotion outside the window was much more important than talking to him about what had just happened. Jinwoo decided not to comment on it either.


For the first time since Jinwoo had met rescued him, Taehyun pushed his plate of food away.

"Can you tell me what's wrong?" He said, trying to sound calm, but it had been an entire day since the street incident. The news, the social media and even his friends had gotten ahold of the footage. Junwoo was not allowed to step foot on the hospital until this nuisance blew over, thus leaving him stuck with Taehyun, who wouldn't even talk to him. He had tried being the good guy, what did it get him in the end?

Taehyun's ears lowered. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Sweetheart, please, you're worrying me." The use of pet names had been recent, Taehyun refused to be called kitten or anything of the sort, so Jinwoo sticked to the most common ones. "Please?"

"I-I wanted to be the one to speak up." The hybrid blurted out, cheeks red and everything unlike the brave, proud image of himself he'd tried so hard to create in these past months. "I wanted to tell him to fuck off but I couldn't. I thought I was getting better..."

Junwoo didn't know if he should have spoken up, confronted him somehow, but Taehyun was clearly struggling to find the right words. He paused for a second, then closed his mouth, still thinking about what to say.

Taehyun shifted awkwardly, placing his hands on his lap, his tail low and still between his legs. "When I'm with you I can argue, protest, decide things for myself and the best part is that you don't mind. And I thought that, I-If I got used to doing so with you... I could've done the same with the man. But I b-backed out-" He seemed in the verge of tears, Jinwoo had never felt so hopeless and unhelpful in front of Taehyun, he can't imagine how the hybrid must be feeling. "-I couldn't even stand up without thinking he might've...' He pursed his lips, keeping them shut this time. His message was pretty clear.

"I'm thankful that you stood up for me. Trust me, not many owners — don't give me that face, you own me, whether you and I like it or not — would do that for their hybrid. I would have been punished by now." He laughed hollowly.

"Taehyun, if you want to stand up somehow or if you wanna become a-an activist and make a change I'll stand by you and help you do whatever you want. I- uh... I really care about you, I'll do anything."

Taehyun adopted an expression that he reserved only when he believed that Jinwoo was being deliberately too romantic and emotional. It was a mix of his scrunched up, displeased expression mixed with a soft, beautiful smile. "Its mostly illegal, I've been reading up on it."

"That's it!" Jinwoo snapped his fingers dramatically. "How many hybrids do you know that can read and write? Practically none, no one bothers to teach them. You can be the first hybrid to write about yourself and your problems. I can make you a blog and everything. You can do it anonymously."

As much as Taehyun didn’t want to admit it, it wasn’t a horrible idea. “How will people believe that I’m a hybrid? Anyone can just start a blog.”

“But no one will be able to have an actual answer either. I can help you write it.” Jinwoo said enthusiastically, already decided that his idea was genius. Taehyun supposed he didn’t really understand how hard this was for him, he can’t really blame him. Humans may have their own problems, but unless they’re also laboratory made slaves, they will never truly understand what it means to be them.

“I think I would like to write it alone, if you don’t mind. Even if it's badly written, I want to say what I feel directly. If that’s okay with you.” The hybrid responded.

Junwoo nodded and kissed the top of Taehyun’s hand, then scratched the back of his ears. He'd always do it when Taehyun was stressed. “Of course I don’t mind, I never mind. I’ll be talking to my boss so I can at least try to get my job back, if you need me.”

Taehyun took the PADD, which had practically become his own by now, and opened a new document. Truth be told, he'd never tried writing something so long on his own other than a card he made for Jinwoo on what humans called 'Valentine's Day'.

Hello, my name is Taehyun. I live in Seoul, South Korea and I am a cat hybrid. I do not have a last name because I am not allowed to have one. I do not know my age because was never told my birthday. A few months ago, I was taken in by a very nice man from a very not nice man. I was a slave, both for sex and for favors ever since I was a kitten. Now, I live in an apartment building with a human who loves me. He let me learn how to write, and now I want to use this knowledge, that not many hybrids have, to help.

I eat three meals a day. I sit in the table when I eat from a plate, not on a bowl from the floor. I can wear clothes and shoes and have my haircut every month. I can choose what I want to do and what I don't want to do. I can't do any of this in public, but the change is a start. A good start.

I believe that every hybrid should be able to do the same. We have human DNA and human level thinking, don't you think we should have human level rights? At least the basic ones?

Jinwoo later told him that his entry reminded him of an essay he made in the fifth grade between proudly given kisses. Seemed like a good start.


Taehyun makes sure to lock the door twice before he leaves. Jinwoo has already left for the clinic; working at the hospital was too much of a hassle after his busy schedule for the past years, and he downgraded to the small office that specializes in coughs and flus and, at most, broken bones. Taehyun likes to assure him that he’s talented enough to run his own office, possibly his own hospital, but Jinwoo only waves a hand behind his embarrassed smile. Even after all these years, he’s horrible at hiding his pink cheeks and shy smile, even while covering half of his face from the harsh winter air that blows through the streets. Seoul is still their home, it's where everything started for them and where, hopefully, it will all finish.

Out of the ten years he’s been here, it took him five years to get the opportunity to walk outside without a symbol of ownership. Three years after that, he had the opportunity to erase the tattoo in his arm with his serial number. Taehyun is one of the few hybrids who keeps it. To him, it's a memory, a promise. A reminder that there’s still a long way to go.

He keeps writing in the blog, of course, but he tries to focus more on finishing the book and fixing his god awful grammar from so many years ago. Jinwoo still can’t tell the difference between the two, but his publisher assures him it’s much better.

Its still hard for them, will probably always be. Just because there are new laws that protect them from being excluded, beaten, traded, and killed without any consequences, it doesn’t mean that the human race has grown any kinder. No one knows the hybrid behind the blog, they won’t know until he finishes his book, but people will believe anything. The website became a symbol and his name became a massage, all while sitting comfortably in a bed nine floors above the riots and rallies made up of more human sympathizers than hybrids. They were still scared by then, Taehyun didn’t blame them.

The street is wet from a the brown mush he can barely call snow, the humid air and car gas fills his sensitive nose, as the city streets always do. Now that they demanded to be treated like human beings, hybrids were usually shamed for having heightened senses and extra limbs. Jinwoo once found him in the bathroom trying to hide his tail in a pair of human jeans. Now, he inhales the city air around him deeply and smells anxiety, mustard, sweat and carrot cake. It wasn’t that he enjoys the smells, but the mere fact that he can is enough to brighten his day.

He arrives at the publisher’s office bouncing on his heels, eager to show the agency how much he wrote this week and just how close he is to finally finish the manuscript. Just then, he receives a text from Jinwoo, asking him what he’d like for dinner. Taehyun assures him that anything is fine, two seconds later he receives another text.

‘I’m so proud of you’. It reads, with three added hearts at the end, as Jinwoo usually does. He feels a gentle breeze against his neck, where his collar has rested so many years ago for so long; Taehyun sighs and decides that he’s proud of himself too.
escapeartistwinner_pancakes on July 1st, 2015 04:34 am (UTC)
Aww this story is very touching!!! I spend 2 days reading it, I wanted to read it very slowly, enjoying the plot!! And I did as always thanks to your stories♡
I'm actually not into hybrids, but this was my first kimnam story I read and I love it a lot! I like how you depict both heroes, not like authors usually depict them, especially for Tae! He is kind of soft here, more strong-willed and deeper in character.. I don't know how to describe it well, but I enjoyed seeing him grow along the plot! And Jinwoo was also described well, I think close to reality))
Thank you for this story! You did great♡ Looking forward your winner stories^^ don't forget about minwoo^^♡

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