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19 June 2015 @ 07:05 pm
my morning glory; xiumin/luhan (2/2)  
Pairing: Xiumin/Luhan
Genre: Fantasy. Magic. Hunter!Minseok. Faun!Luhan.
Rating: R (for brief sexual scene)
Length: 4.3K words
Summary: Minseok meets a strange creature in the forest as a child. Eleven years later, he meets it again with a snare attached to its leg.
Notes: Here is the reccomended listening. I tried to write my image of faun!lLuhan as best as possible, but here is the reference I used.

“He would eventually have to pass through the forest, but he felt no fear. Of course - the forest was inside him, he knew, and it made him who he was.”

― Haruki Murakami, After The Quake

Resting uncomfortably on Jongin's shoulder, Luhan was paraded to all the citizens of Exodus as a prize. They had been surprisingly clever, the faun had not noticed the tranquilizer dart attached to his rear end until later on, when he was too dizzy to use his magic to free himself from the human’s clutches. But cleverness did not equal intelligence, for the two hunters had no idea of the kind of creature they were carrying to their town leader.

Sehun and Jongin were very popular amongst the townspeople, they would always be eagerly awaited at the end of their hunt and would be praised for their bravery. But Luhan knew that it was really Minseok who deserved such praise; he missed him dearly. Luhan closed his eyes, leaving him had been a mistake. The hunter was probably regretting taking him in by now, after all the trouble Luhan had cost him. His thoughts were interrupted by the wave of murmurs and stares directed at him.

"What is that?" Asked the town faun, Chanyeol, who was far more different than his own kind. Luhan did not like the cousin species, they were always too lazy and human looking for his own liking. He only liked the company of one human. The forest faun covered his face with his hands and ignored the attention.

Sehun moved him aside. "Ain't none of your business. Go bother the squirrel man. We've got important stuff to do with the Master Sorcerer."

"Yeah, fuck off." Said Jongin proudly.

Master Sorcerer Yifan lived in a ancient, brick building in the center of the town, surrounded by charms and scorch marks that adorned the walls that only a few magical beings knew of their usage. Luhan also noted that the house was covered in vines and flowers. He smirked to himself and turned the ones that brushed over Jongin's arms to poison ivy.

"Agh! What the hell?!" Jongin yelled out and scratched his arm desperately, accidentally knocking Sehun into the leaves as well. Luhan took the chance try to free his binding, but only managed to wiggle out of the ones that tied his feet. The poison from the tranquilizer was still in his system, making him wobble in his step. Instead of going to the door, Luhan mistakenly went to the opposite direction. It didn't take long for a tall, unnerving figure to see him. Despite the tranquilizers poison that still blurred his vision, the black eyes were unmistakable in their power, magic beyond the kind that Luhan knew of. Master Sorcerer Yifan gaped at him in shock, completely ignoring the presence of the other two human fools. He'll deal with them later.

"Its not possible." The sorcerer whispered. At a snap of his fingers, fire lighted up the scattered lanterns around the hallway. "Come with me. Did those imbeciles let everyone see you?"

Luhan nodded weakly, Yifan held a steady hand behind his back. His tail stood up in warning. He did not like being touched by this man, or anyone else. His mind drifted off to Minseok.

"Mixed zinnias. Thinking of an absent friend." Yifan said suddenly in the fauns mother toungue, Luhan had not noticed the change in his crown. "I had always heard of some members of kind being able express their emotions with flowers. Pray tell me, who are you thinking about?"

Luhan did not answer, instead attempting to headbutt Yifan with his antlers. The sorcerer made an invisible shield to protect himself before Luhan could even reach him, causing the creature to tumble back. This did not stop him, and instead he mumbled an incantation turned all the vines around him to poison berries and leaves, trying to make them curl around Yifan. However, it was no use, for the sorcerer simply waved a hand and turned all the leaves and berries into ash. It was made clear why the man was a Master Sorcerer. Luhan begrudgingly bowed his head in respect, as all magic users should, his forest magic was no match for the darker arts.

"This is not the forest. Here, you are no match for me. Let's talk like civilized beings." Yifan clasped his hands together and guided him to his study, an enormous room filled with books, vials and experiments. Smells he had never come across before filled his nose. Minseok's library was pitiful compared to this.

Once inside, Yifan neutral expression took on a much darker one. The fire in the lanterns dimmed from orange to a gentle white blaze. With a single word that Luhan did not understand, the large, wooden door slammed behind him from a sudden gust of wind, leaving him stuck inside a room with the most powerful being in Exodus. The faun gulped, stumbling around the large room in fear.

"What are you?" Yifan snarled, his deep, rumbling voice echoing the entire room and sounding even more terrifying than usual.

Luhan steadied himself. "My name is Luhan, protector of the forest. I am the last remaining true faun in this side of the earth." He said in a rehearsed voice.

"Nonsense!" The sorcerer rumbled again, this time knocking over books and chairs. His voice was no longer one in the mood for a conversation. "All the true fauns of the forest died in the ancient war of the twelve powers."

"The remaining ones stayed in the forest. It is vast, we could easily hide ourselves for a long time." Luhan explained truthfully. The sorcerer kept quiet this time, intrigued, but the deep, rumbling sound of his voice did not leave.

"After my father was assassinated by a..." His voice trailed off for a moment. "A lumberman in battle, also killing him, my mother and a few others of our herd decided to leave to the west... and decided to leave me in charge of caring for the forest. They have migrated past the mountains. You won't find them."

Yifan's voice barked in sarcastic laughter, the echo made it seem as there was a roar of people laughing him. "As if they would dare leave you in charge! Look at you," He taunted, his eyes glowing through the darkness of the room and getting closer. "You are weak and frail. Your antlers are far too small for a faun of your age. Your magic is mediocre at most." His words bore into him like salt on a wound, but Luhan held back his tears. He had spent too many years mourning his family to believe they would treat him like the runt of the litter.

"You aren't a faun, you are obviously a amateur's copy of one. Nothing but a shape shifting trick that was not well-thought." Yifan accused him. Luhan finally understood what was going on. The sorcerer thought he wasn't real, just as Minseok had believed for so many years. No wonder he had told Minseok that his dreams were ridiculous. "Who do you work for?! Is it for for the Kingdom of Shine? The Red Palace of Velvet?!"

Luhan glared at him. "I speak the truth, I am the last true faun. Without me, your precious town would have died! I brought the dead forest back to life, and what were you doing, Master Sorcerer? What did you do to give your people food and healthy lumber? What did you do in cold winter nights when your people were starving? The only citizen of the town that actually showed his gratitude for my life's work was-" The faun thinned his lips, stopping himself before admitting something to the sorcerer he did not even admit to himself.

During his speech, he had not noticed that his rage had taken control of his magic. Thick, strong vines held Yifan in the middle of the room, wrapped tightly around his body. Snakes and rats that were hiding throughout town hissed from every nook and cranny of the room, and Luhan was sure he could hear the sound of bears and moose scratching against the wooden door, begging to get in on the action. Luhan felt out of breath, he had summoned the entire forest without even realizing it. Yifan's eyes widened, lighting up the lanterns in his study again to watch the scene in front of him.

"It's not possible." He muttered to himself in awe, his voice returned to its original form as Luhan told all the creatures to leave in his native tongue. "You even speak their language." Once Yifan was finally out of the vines, he bowed an entire ninety degrees. "I am so sorry, Luhan. I was just doing what I thought best for my town. As strange as this is, I think I now believe you."

The faun should still feel furious yet, as a leader, he understood the underlying fear that they went through, protecting the areas they loved. The two bowed at each other in mutual respect, from one magic user to another. “And to think that you did that with your hands tied behind your back...” Yifan shook his head in disbelief as he freed the faun from his bindings.

The moment was short lived, however, for the wooden door was barged open by none other than the two hunters that Luhan had thought he got rid off. "Master Sorcerer! Master Sorcerer!" They said, tackling Luhan to the ground. Yifan rolled his eyes.

Sehun stood up and waltzed towards the leader while Jongin held Luhan in his grasp, who was not putting on a fight. Both of them acted as if they did not have a terrible poison ivy rash underneath their clothing. “Sir, I do apologize for the creature. It got away from our careful eye somehow, but no matter! How should we deal with it?”

“I’m sorry, deal with it? What are you talking about?”

"Oh yes! I mean, some strange thing that's been wandering 'round the woods and doing magic that's nothin' like your's, Oh Great One. We don't want it terrorizin' the town that we love so much." Sehun boasted, his acting far too obvious. They couldn't care less about the town, getting Master Sorcerer Yifan's attention was their biggest priority. And by the look on Sehun's eyes, down his trousers as well. Luhan grimaced in distaste.

"Yeah, so we set out a trap to catch it but Minseok got in the way," Jongin continued, scratching his neck absentmindedly as he held Luhan by his arm, "It was disgustin', they looked like lovebirds. But not to worry, Sir, we took care of him."

Yifan stared at the two human for what seemed like ages, making them more and more nervous with each passing second. Much like earlier, the room started to become darker, the only light came from the sorcerer's eyes that bore into Sehun's terrified expression. Wind started to fill the room, causing the hunters to stumble back against the wall, while Luhan seemed completely unaffected by it. The faun knew that Yifan meant him no harm this time, but the low growling sound that rumbled against the walls of the sorcerer's study did not stop him from being absolutely terrified.

"Are you meaning to tell me," The Master Sorcerer echoed, sounding a much more calculatedly frightening this time, "That you not only took in an unknown creature from the woods without my permission, you also intended to bring it to me as some sort of prize. And it doesn't end there, no." As if his voice and the darkness wasn't bad enough, Yifan had made sure to change his appearance into something that did not resemble any creature on the town, and was sure to haunt that human's nightmares for a long time. Luhan, smiling to himself, looked away.

"You harmed someone from your kin and constantly took his game as your own. Yes, I knew about that. I have never seen you two fire a arrow properly in my life. You two are now henceforth banished from entering the woods, your hunting statuses are revoked." As Yifan yelled in his most authoritative voice, light and heat started to slowly enter the room once more, but the two humans were still shaking with fear.

"But, sir -- Master, you can't stop us from being hunters." Jongin pleaded.

Yifan let out an imperial laugh. "I already did. The hex I cursed you with will make sure of it." With a wave of his hand, all of the weapons in Sehun and Jongin's clothes appeared on Luhan's arms.

Sehun whimpered. "Master Sorcerer, what will we do? Huntin' is the only thing we know!" He choked out.

"From what I had seen, hunting was the one thing you knew nothing about. I hear Baekhyun, the squirrel fellow, is looking for someone to help him crack nuts for his shop. I find that you two would be suitable for the job. Now, get out of my sight." Yifan warned them. The pair went running out the door faster than he could blink, not noticing that they were both removed of their hunting clothes save for their undergarments. The sorcerer gave Luhan and sly grin.

"I did not believe Minseok when he first told me about you, many years ago... Please, send him my respect and my good luck. Go to him." He said simply.

The faun nodded. He gave the man a quick bow before bursting out the door as quickly as his hooves could let him. Still, he gave himself time to enjoy the sight of what had been the town's most beloved hunters fumbling for clothes to cover themselves from the old women who laughed at them.


On the other side of Exodus, Minseok had lain in the dirt for ages as he waited for his garden elve to come home and rescue him. Pitiful, he thought to himself, to be in the need of help from a being half his size. The elve sputtered nervously while unbinding him from the rope but fell quiet when he heard a whimper escape his friend’s mouth at the mention of the faun fellow’s name. Minseok argued that he did not whimper all the way to the cabin. While Jongdae managed to clean up the dirt and blood that stained Minseok’s cheek, he did not quite manage to clean up the scowl that was now permanently etched on the human’s expression. The garden elve did his best to make his friend smile, but no matter what he did, Minseok just kept staring at the striped carnation in his hand, which had been crushed in his fist minutes ago.

“I am a fool, Jongdae,” The hunter began, breaking his silence yet still scowling. “A ridiculous fool. I promised myself I would protect him and now he is gone to gods know where.”

Jongdae thought in silence for a moment. “I do not think he needs to be protected. He is a powerful being, you said so yourself. Those hunters do not stand a chance against him! He will find a way out. And, while he is a bit scary, the Master Sorcerer is good at heart. Luhan will come back, Minseok.”

For a moment, Minseok thought about asking the elve for a drink but caught himself before he opened his mouth. He was not going to give into his family’s habits, he would endure the recent events like a strong man. However, this promise to himself did not last long as the hunter found himself sulking even further into his chair, throwing the Language Of Flowers copy he had in his other hand against the wall. Jongdae is used to the man throwing things in fits of anger, unfortunately. “Even if he does come back, he will not stop to see me. He will hide in the forest and reign it as he was supposed to. I am nothing but a distraction.”

The garden elve shook his head in disagreement yet said nothing. Instead, he jumped out of his stool ― he is far too short to reach Minseok’s face without it ― and decided to clean up after his depressed friend. Starting with the plate of food that he left untouched, Jongdae will have it for himself later, and then with the book he threw against the wall, which fell open on a very particular page. Jongdae glanced at the crushed flower next to Minseok’s boots. “Minseok, have you even looked for the meaning of that flower yet?”

Minseok only responded with a frustrated grunt which Jongdae took as a no. “Well, I believe you should. Look.” He handed the book to the human, who took it angrily out of his hand.

“Striped Carnations; Refusal. No. I cannot be with yo ― what is the point in this?!” Minseok glared down at his helper.

“Keep reading, you stupid man! It also means ‘I wish I could be with you’, there is something holding Luhan back!”

Minseok widens his eyes and glues his face back to the book. “...Oh, gods.”

The knock on the door comes at the most opportune moment; Minseok can recognize the distinct sound of hooves against wood anywhere. Luhan allows himself in without a word, looking proud and boastful as he walks in. He leaves the bag of weapons in the table, which enrages Jongdae to no end as the knives that fall out leave marks on the wood, but neither of them care.

Luhan walks over to the dumbstruck human and leans to press a kiss in his forehead, as he does, red roses grow in the crown upon the faun’s head. Minseok does not have to be a forest creature nor a master in flower language to know what they mean. “Luhan,” The hunter chokes out, “I’m sorry. I did not protect you.”

The faun shakes his head, his face still pressed against Minseok’s hair. “You do not need to protect me, I am perfectly fine. You just need to trust that I can protect myself, and I can. You also do not need to worry about Sehun and Jongin ever again, thanks to me.”

Minseok is far too busy staring up at Luhan’s expression to care about his enemies. It feels as if the faun get more beautiful with every waking day, just like the forest he takes care of. At this rate, Luhan will resemble a god that Minseok won’t be able to look at him without praying to a forest nymph. Speaking of which, “Luhan, you must tell me now, are you going to the forest? If someone hurts you, I will fight. But my hands have been broken far too many times, you must tell me if you want me to go with you.”

Luhan looked down and decided that the wooden floor are much more interesting that Minseok’s face. “I... I do not want to be able anymore. I was scared, I see now I am stronger than I thought. A certain sorcerer told me so. But I can’t leave the forest for good. I can see you everyday I am not busy, of course, but I will always return. Thankfully, you do not live too far away from my home, it would not be a difficult arrangement.”

The hunter’s eyes glow in delight at this. “Of course, just don’t track mud on the floor again, Jongdae is going to have a heart attack.”

It may had been hours, but it felt like ages since he had seen Luhan laugh.


Their newfound arrangement worked wonderfully with the two as they both agreed to see each other at least in the afternoon, when the sun was going down and all Luhan had to do was command all the creatures of the forest to sleep, and Minseok had finished bringing his daily game to the town market. Now that he was the commanding hunter in town, he had to bring in much more meat than before, but Luhan assured him that he would try to make the animals court each other more often in order to feed the ever growing population of Exodus. While that happened, Minseok was trying to do a little courting of his own with the help of the town florist, Zitao, a tall and kind elf who had refused to keep his hair long like the rest of his kin. Zitao had not only helped him with his outdated copy of The language of Flowers, but helped him disguise his messages to Luhan as bouquets.

Whenever the faun would come to his home for some much needed rest as well as some coffee ― it struck him as odd that the faun did not prefer tea as most of the people in Exodus did, but he did not complain ― the first thing he would see was the arrangement of flowers on the counter that Minseok dismissed as a an effort to make the room seem more inviting. Luhan, however, could not ignore the red and white camellias that stuck out so much in the room.

(Red Camellia; You’re a flame in my heart. White Camellia; You’re adorable.)

It took many shared coffee cups and sundowns for Minseok to notice that Luhan had changed all the camellias in his table to jonquils with a wave of his hand before leaving. The faun always did like to be dramatic. The hunter jumped embarrassingly in his excitement as he read the meaning of the certain flower in his book and went straight to tell Jongdae.

(Jonquil; desire for affection returned.)

While Minseok’s imagination had made him believe that that following day was going to be full of long declarations of love and even longer, frantic kisses on his living room sofa, he had never notice that when it came to romance, the faun was an awfully shy creature, possibly because he had never experienced romance outside of his current relationship with Minseok along with dozens of novels he would steal from Minseok’s library that told him of princesses and knights and love. So instead his earlier expectations, the hunter took it slow. He would sit next to the faun over coffee and would allow himself to rest his head on Luhan’s lap or vice versa as they talked about their day. When this became a common thing to do, Minseok now kissed him hello and goodbye, each kiss growing longer that their usual peck with each passing day.

On other days when the sun was shining brightly and Minseok did not have anything to do, Luhan and he would walk through the forest together for hours in comfortable silence. The faun could create berry bushes in a blink, he could call the eagles to guide Minseok to the river for some water. It came to him as simply as it did to breathe.

“I told you, I’m part of the forest. The forest is part of me. It was hard, but I learned all my magic on my own then it became natural, like walking. One never forgets how to walk.” He would say into the crook of Minseok’s neck as they laid together under the night sky, far away from the cabin now. Neither of them intended on leaving until the sunrise.

Minseok ponders for a moment, “Does this mean that I kissed the forest?” He jokes with a wink.

He feels Luhan’s body sit comfortably on his lap and feels himself lick his lips on instinct. He’s become so accustomed to Luhan’s naked body that he never noticed how the faun’s cock is so carefully hidden behind the patch of winter fur. "Y-You... could do more than kiss it." Luhan whispered suggestively. Oh god, Minseok thought, he was going to make love to the forest.

Not to mention that he was going to make love to a man with antlers on his head and hooves instead of feet. Minseok shrugged it off, they were in a land of many species of men, it could be worse. And Luhan was breathtaking in the moonlight as he stared down at his hunter with lustful eyes, trying to hide the fact that he was, very slowly, rubbing his bare bottom against the front of his trousers.

It doesn't take long before months - years, actually - of pent up sexual frustration leave then both partly nude, Luhan sitting comfortable on Minseok's lap and rutting against the hunter like there's no tomorrow. Rose petals fell into the floor with every hurried movement and adorned the grass beneath them with red. It was gushingly romantic, Minseok thought as he made Luhan let out a particularly loud whimper, but it would be slightly annoying for Jongdae to have to pick up all the petals after them every time they made love.

"I've dreamt of this, Luhan. You've roamed my dreams for so long I couldn't help but think of darker things.” Minseok admits into Luhan’s neck, the faun can only respond with a choked gasp. He finishes far quicker than the human does, his stamina has always been quicker than his own, but that doesn’t stop Luhan from whispering sweet nothings into his ear. He doesn’t praising and practically worshipping Minseok stop even after he ruins his hunting uniform with the sticky, warm liquid.

Minseok, embarrassed and panting, presses a finger against Luhan’s lips. “Stop, I beg of you. I am not a teenager anymore, give me thirty minutes if you really want to do this again.”

“It’s alright, we have a lifetime ahead of us to do whatever we want.” Luhan assures him, letting his lover carry him back to the cabin, possibly to ruin Minseok’s bed this time, and leaves rose petals to mark their trail. Days later, Master Sorcerer Yifan knows exactly what it meant, and tries to scorn them for their indecency, but there is no ill intent in his voice.

In the back of his mind, Minseok knows that his lifetime is much shorter than Luhan’s, that there will be a time when he is gone and Luhan will grow sick at the sight of morning glories, but he doesn’t dwell on the fact, and only focuses on the road home, both of them waving at Jongdae, who laughs at their disheveled state. Everything feels perfect.

In that moment, the forest ignores that fact that it's fall, and instead blooms its flowers early.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this! Thank you for sharing!
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thank you for reading :)
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I'm so happy they got a happy ending! ^^ The way part one ended, I was so worried for xiuhan... but this second part sure warms my heart. <3

Thank you for sharing this! ^^
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i thought about giving them an ambiguous ending, but im glad the fluffy ending is nicer. thank you for the lovely comment!
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this was so beautiful i loved it n i love u for writing it ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ now excuse me while i go read eveything else uve ever written